Venom Body Paint is Terrifying, Amazing

When you hear “body paint,” you usually think of sexy ladies done up to look like a Pink Floyd album or something. But today we have a different use for the art form, one far more badass than sexy. Well, sort of sexy, that dude is pretty jacked.

Anyway, it’s by Georgette from Devious Body Art, and she’s taken a rather ripped guy and made him look like the snarling symbiote menace, Venom. It’s a matter of perspective for the art to really work. Head on it looks like the comic book character has come to life. From the side, you can see how she’s finagled with point of view to really make it work. Check out that shot below via GeeksAreSexy:

  • Gahh… now I want to paint on people.

  • fern

    how much would this cost…..the fear i would give to children on halloween may br worth it…MWahahaahah..AHAHAHAHAHAH :cough cough: …HA

  • Ref

    Thats awesome

  • Cameron

    Thats a terrible, blotchy body paint job. That artist needs to learn how to use a Chroma Cake.

  • Rainman

    It’s funny how you actually think you can do better Cameron which in reality you couldn’t come close.