Unreality’s Halloween Costume Contest 2012: The Winners!

Hugo Strange. This is pretty much perfect

Inspector Spacetime and the lady uncontrollably drawn to the awesomeness of his costume

Doctor Horrible (same guy)

BANE SECTION (all are quite good)

Mandy the Black Swan

Dumbledora the Explorer

That shirt is amazing

My childhood dream

Wilfred happy he’s coming back for season three


Mario family. Is that guy just a power star?

From The Mask

Little Knight

Slenderman creepin’. Could use some height

Instagram Tyler Durden

Zombie Lincoln and Drunk Ben Franklin

Zombie Scarecrow needs BRAIIINS

The Littlest Robin


  • Sam

    I’m a pretty big football fan but even I don’t get that NFL costume.

  • Nicholas

    Ash is *groovy*. I watch a lot of football but I don’t get it either. Is he supposed to be Goodell?

  • J5

    LOL, awesome submissions.

    Side Note: I was Wilfred and Halloween in Arizona was pretty rough in that costume. I think I sweated out about 10 lbs that night…

    And co-sign what you and the above posters said, no idea what’s going on with the NFL set up. Roger Goodell sans Ginger-vitis?

  • Some really great costumes!!

  • Grimlock_Smash

    Bearded big game hunter here…I was trying really hard to think of a costume I could do where I didn’t have to shave, but nothing really jumped out at me (last year was much too easy) and we kinda threw it all together last minute. And EVERYONE has done Billy Mays, it just gets annoying.

    And the NFL one is Commissioner Goodell. With his heavy-handed punishments and huge fines, despite running a multi-billion dollar organization, many people have likened him to a dictator, tyrant, king, etc. One publication, whose name escapes me, refers to him as ‘Herr Kommissar’, which is German for ‘Mr. Commissioner’.

  • Kristoph

    The first Bane is the winner in my books!

  • zligo

    zombie, U serious ? I don’t see anything special here…

    and the girl with the pink-dotted face, I think it’s a Roy Lichtenstein painting.

  • Football

    Yes I was Roger Goodell, accompanied by Jersey Shore Shark Attack victim.