This is One Girl Who Loves the View

There are those people out there that many would consider to be “thrill seekers.”   Usually when we think of these people they are the types that might swim with sharks in a cage or go bungee jumping off of bridges.   Though I’d probably consider these folks to be more on the extreme side of the spectrum.

The woman you are about to see definitely fits the bill I’m talking about.  This woman has a hobby of taking pictures in very very high places.   We’re talking skyscrapers, bridges, you name it.

Check out the gallery after the jump…..

Unfortunately we don’t have a source for these images but we found them on Izismile. Check out more images below..


  • necroholic

    LOL, I saw the headline on Google Reader and thought it was talking about the TV show, The View.

  • Cheektastic

    Nahhh, I wouldn’t call her a “thrill seeker”. I’d call her an attention seeker instead.

  • Mike

    @Cheek, This

  • KC

    regardless of why she does it, just looking at the pictures makes my stomach uneasy…

  • Patrick

    where the hell does she live?? 😮

  • Athan Maul

    Urban exploring is absolutely fantastic :3