The X-Men Go High Fashion


Emma Frost




Kitty Pryde



  • JZ

    i found these a taddd creepy

  • obc

    absolutly lovely, the artstyle is wonderful: at times creepy and appaling but still it has a charm to it that just invites one to see every detail there is.

    …btw i don’t know half of these characters…

  • Jim Lahey

    These remind me of those really old Japanese watercolors with how fla they look and the unique shapes they used.

  • Jason

    I liked Magneto’s, but everyone else looked freaking weird, especially Cyclops.

  • I think we need one more Emma Frost. Rule of 3, and all that.

  • jaromir

    Like the concept, but Cyclops is so homoerotic.

  • Wite Boy

    so because its fashion… theyre gay. Got it.

  • daft Pirate

    And surprise surprise, Cyclops still looks like a Douche God.