The Stars Are Falling!

Quick question.  What in the hell is Michelle Pfeiffer doing outside in a pile of garbage?  I can only assume this is for a movie.   If not it still struck the thought of seeing other images of celebrities taking a fall.   I mean it’s no different than watching your friends tripping but it’s still funny.

I mean when’s the last time you got to see Tony Danza taking a dive?  Ha!

Anyway, here are some pictures of celebrities falling….

  • Gabbi

    pretty sure the Michelle Pfeiffer picture is from a scene in the movie New years eve. Not that I saw that movie, because that’d be really sad…

  • joe

    These are celebrities?

  • Straenge

    You should compile a list and compare “Celebritys in mid-fall” vs. “Celebritys in mid-kung fu fights”