20 Awesome Fan Renditions of The Riddler

Since so many of you seemed to enjoy the Scary Jokers article I figured I’d take another look at Batman and his enemies.    Who better to start with than another psychopath?  The Riddler.   Even though the movie kind of sucked I thought that Jim Carrey did a really good job of playing the Riddler and I’m very curious who will reprise the role…if anyone.

Would be a shame not to have some actor at least give it a try.  You figure it’s gotta be Joseph Gordon Levitt right?  After all the guy looks exactly like Heath Ledger and there’s no way Nolan will bring back the Joker so might as well try some Riddle me this action.

Anyway it took me a while to find all these so I hope you like ’em….

Can you say badass Riddler?  I can.

More Awesome Riddlers


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