The Optical Illusion Museum in South Korea is a Must Visit

I haven’t had a chance to visit South Korea lately but perhaps I should change my tune a bit.   OK, there’s no chance I’ll ever be visiting South Korea or any Korea anytime soon but when I get the chance to see fun photos then yeah, that’s pretty much good enough.

If you’re every there, Trick Eye Museum in South Korea is a perfect place for those who enjoy posing for goofy pics in front of art objects.  The place is filled with weird and funny paintings that seem to come out of their frame so that the visitors can take pictures with them.

Check out the photos after the jump…..

Thanks to Busan for 91 days for the pics


  • iamphoenix

    this is on jeju island! was there last year and it’s pretty awesome.

  • This used to be in Tokyo, right underneath Tokyo Tower… I was lucky to live close to Tokyo for several months some years ago, but the day I finally found the chance to go try visit this museum, they had just closed it a couple of weeks ago. =(