The Official Celebrities Then and Now Mega Gallery

Leave it to the Russians to be able to conjure up this many photos of celebrities in their before and after stages.  It’s pretty awesome to take a look at the sheer volume of these pictures.

Thankfully we have 75 to keep you busy.   If you’re sitting at work right now and have any interest in the before lives of celebrities then this should keep you busy for a while.

Enjoy the photos!

Thanks to Now and Then for the photos

I think Seymore is just as hot if not hotter now than ever.

  • Drester

    Damn, young John Conner looks like shit now.

  • Steve

    I love how present-day Clint is kinda looking at his young self with a face like “I’m better looking now” lol. As for Jane Seymour, my Lifecycle Nutrition teacher could pass for her twin. First day of class I walked in and thought she was around my age (26). Nope, she’s probably old enough to be my mother.