The Making of a Mega Man Cake

We’ve had our fair share of posts that combine gaming and food.   I mean we’re talking Super Mario Cupcakes to gaming console cakes to Star Wars delicacies.   So it should come as no surprise that a brave soul out there attempted and succeeded at making a Mega Man cake.

This particular cake was made using Rice Krispie treats and a whole lot of love and care.

Check out the process after the jump…..

Thanks to JC Barry for the pictures

  • joe

    More like a giant rice krispy square than a cake.

  • J. Morales

    Cool, like a cake boss in training. Speaking of which, I bet the actual cake boss could totally rock a MegaMan cake.

  • Michael

    He made a friggin megaman…confectionary sculpture would be most accurate i guess…and he couldn’t be bothered to make his own friggin’ rice krisy treats??

    COME ON!