The Lonely Rover


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So due to the fact that XKCD is the most popular webcomic on the internet by a million miles, I see it being passed around about every other day. But I took special notice of this decidedly un-funny comic they posted yesterday, as it just breaks my heart.

It kind of reminds me of Wall-E, except he was just fine with buckling down and doing his job, despite being the only moving thing left on planet Earth. But yeah, our poor Mars rovers that we just abandon… Tragic.

Although, truth be told, they’ll probably be the first things to be discovered by aliens in the future.

  • Perx

    It reminds of that movie “moon” abt that astronaut on moon waiting to go home..

  • JapJay

    xkcd is hit or miss for me. But when it hits, its amazing. Like the above…amazing.

  • carolinatom

    Could it be Rovers lack of movement is a result of the actuality of being left behind? Electron Paralysis? Or is Rover just motivationally stuck? Rover has been “Put To Pasture”.

  • MetFanMac

    If I didn’t *know* the probes didn’t have AI, this would be positively heartbreaking. As it is, it’s bad enough… 🙁

  • dan

    it really is heartbreaking. i think we need to talk more seriously about a robot code of ethics.