The “Little People” Tiny Street Art Project

And no I’m not talking about Little People in the conventional sense.  I’m talking about miniatures that are handcrafted by human beings.   And I’m also talking about a new point in the history of our website.  I mean we come across some funky stuff but this is definitely up there for me.

It’s really because of the time and dedication it probably takes to dedicate an entire website to the art of taking these little handpainted people and putting them in weird settings and photographing it all.  It’s pretty creepy actually.  Kind of like all those weird little stormtrooper figurines you see floating around the internet.

What is the credo on the website?  “Little handpainted people in London left to fend for themselves.”   Check out the photos after the jump…

Once again, I don’t know who in the world thinks of this stuff but it’s out there.  It’s really out there.  Wow.

More Little People art


  1. Anon E. Moose February 14, 2011
  2. Rich February 15, 2011

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