The Gamer’s Convention Ladies Man

Once in a while you come across something that’s just great for no other reason than thinking to yourself “this is just awesome.”  Well, this guy, whoever he is, is just awesome.

I’m assuming this was at some gaming convention or expo in Asia.  No I’m not being racist but every single woman he’s posing with is Asian.  Anyway,  as you’ll see, this guy looks the same in every single picture.

I guess it’s his XBox360 shirt and dull look on his face that makes this gallery so damned funny.  I don’t know, I hope you agree.

Pics after the jump….

  • Alex

    He’s actually wearing a Seattle Sounders jersey.

  • Steve

    What… what’s wrong with his arms?

  • J5

    While funny, I hope this doesnt turn into an awkward standing planking meme.

  • Jeff

    He MUST be doing that on purpose…at least I hope he is…

  • xXburekXx

    he looks like he is about to blow his load in all the pictures

  • DrFish

    FBB Syndrome 🙂 (Full Body Boner)

  • Tyring to start a meme…meme.

  • JZ

    if he’s doing this on purpose, i applaud him

    if its by accident. well then i just feel for using him as humor

  • Dex

    Well, he’s got good posture, I’ll give him that much.

  • Richie

    This guy looks scared to sh… of women jajajaja, he got serious problems or just shy dunno

  • shaunte


  • scobiek

    Many of the signs in the background are written in Japanese, so I assume that’s where he is.

  • FNG

    I will start posing like that.

    meme that shit.

  • JoePesci

    Hes obviously trying to start a new planking meme…