Krampus: The Evil Companion to Santa

In all my years I had no idea that there was an evil companion to Santa Claus.  I mean I guess I should have known this right?  Maybe not because I”m Jewish but come on.  How awesome is this?

His name is Krampus.   It is said that in the Alpine regions, Krampus is represented by a demon-like creature.  Traditionally, young men dress up as the Krampus in the first two weeks of December  and roam the streets frightening children with rusty chains and bells.

This might be the best imaginary creature ever.

More Krampus costumes after the jump….

I’m not gonna lie.  I’m a grown man and that mask really freaks me out.

Check out More Krampus Below

  • Looka

    we also have that in Slovenia, but they are called Kurent and look like retared cousins of Krampus..

    here’s a pic:

  • m/k

    Looks black metal enough to me..

  • GreeLee

    that’s a big tradition here in Austria, if you’re looking for some more images, just google the word Perchten (that’s what we call them here) there are so callded “Schiach-Perchten” (the one’s you we’re looking at) and “Schön-Perchten” (which translates as ugly and beautiful). They’re believed to scare of evil spirits and demons, by looking more evil 😉

  • Jeff

    Also seen dry-humping Dr. Rusty Venture, in A Very Venture Christmas.

  • Han

    Here in Holland, Krampus has morphed into a ‘helper’ in blackface who carries the bag with small candies etc.

  • V

    Zwarte Piet is the coal-smeared little helper

    Krampus is the badass who lays it down proper.

    Santa Nicholas is, of course, The Man

  • AndrewGurn

    Krampus is small time. Where I live (amish country PA), we have the Belsnickle. He gives candy to good children, but the bad ones get a freshly cut hickory switch on the ass.

  • Looks impressive, but…
    I am from Bavaria, and here in the countryside there are residues of the original pagan Krampus/Perchten etc. rites with a very rich tradition – and totally different masks from what you show here.

    The presented mask are kind of re-make of the old ones, now rooted more in zombie films than the old tradition – meanwhile materials include glass eyes and african antlers, and the old rough wood carving gets replaced by airbrush finish.

    Just have a look here:

    The first mask comes out of that alpine tradition (in spite of the name), whereas the second photo shows that typical horror movie mask of today.