The E3 2011 Planking Project

So you’re a photographer and you are sent to E3 2011 to take some great pictures of the event.  But you realize that most people are going to be doing the same thing.  So you try and think of something that might make you stand out.  What do you do?

Why you taking planking pictures all over the entire event!  That’s what you do.  Well at least that’s what Joits Photography did and I personally thought it was an awesome idea.

From Strormtroopers to hot booth babes, this guy had most rooms covered….

  • freestyle55

    This has to be the stupidest fad in a while…wow, I can layout face down in a bunch of pictures.

  • Gabriel

    These are fake, I have seen a lot of planking pictures in my day and these are obviously fake. You can tell by the pixels…. 😛

    In all seriousness planking is kinda stupid but at the same time I have lol’d at a bunch of them. Just don’t kill yourself planking in front of a speeding train.

  • looka

    I agree with freestyle55, planking is highly retarded..

  • God, planking is stupid. Doing something you learned from the news is decidedly not meme-ish. I can’t believe people are still trying to make this a “thing.”

  • will

    Its extremely sad that all the guys in thse pics are too busy checking out the computer games instead of checking out the hot babes.. what the hell is up with that!!? theyve replaced their cocks with joysticks…

  • H

    I lol’ed 🙂