The Dark Knight, Literally

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Wow, move over Avengers, Batman is making a mark with this bit of exceptionally elaborate cosplay that might be the coolest real-world reinterpretation of the hero I’ve ever seen. Batman is literally about to get medieval on everyone’s asses, living up to his namesake in the most literal way possible as the Dark Knight.

I’d watch a whole movie starring this suit of armor. Seriously, it’s that amazing. The chestplate, the helmet, the sword (alright, that does look a bit like something they sell in those creepy fantasy shops, but still), the total package is simply amazing. If I can find out who the man behind the mask is, I’ll hopefully be able to post more pictures. Can someone make an evil sorcerer Joker costume to match?

  • JB

    The sword looks like it has the batman & robin movie logo!!!

  • Blia

    He should’ve sat in a much more bigger throne. :'(

  • Mirshana

    Here is the guy’s deviant art page:

    he has a bunch of cool stuff there!

  • Lima Zulu

    Geekologie ran this story a couple of months ago. I forget the link, but the creator makes and sells the armor. It’s expensive, naturally, but custom sizing isn’t easy.

  • Demonic

    I kind of like the Blcak Night more, from Fire Emblem. But this is AWESOME!!!!!

  • Aaa

    That batman is a Lord Sauron (Lord of the Rings) copy cat.