The Dark Knight Does Ghost

I told you there was never an end to crossover pieces. Today we have Batman and Catwoman reenacting a famous scene from Ghost which originally starred Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze and no Clayface.

This is particularly relevant now that I’ve played through Arkham City, but if i explained why, it would be a bit spoilerish. I think I prefer this Catwoman to the black ripped leather spandex version we’ve seen for a few years now in games and in film.

Watch the original scene from Ghost and the picture for comparison below:

and now the video…


What do you think?

  • John

    Whoa, NSFW, that is phallic as fuck

  • BaTTTmAan

    lol clayface

  • Mike

    One hell of a threesome. One hell of a weekend.

  • defeated

    why is it okie for them to rub his groin like that for??