The Coolest Chameleon Ever

Tell me that doesn’t look like some sort of animated CG character.  I’ve never seen more personality on a real chameleon in all of my life.  If I were a  movie producer I would seriously be on the horn with Pixar right now to discuss a character based on this here animal.

In fact, I want you guys to come up with a storyline and I swear to God we’ll do our best to pitch this thing.   Off the top of my head I’m going with a cool chameleon named Maurice.   He’s trying to save his little chameleon clan from a pack of Iguanas who want to take over the land.

And it continues with…….

  • travis

    Boss Nass?

  • m/k

    If you see all this in a simple chameleon then you need to experience more around animals.

    sometimes you can read a whole story in their actions.

  • Dickants

    The iguanas are not a warring species but they do crave control over the jungle floor and hence are infiltrating its highest level of control, a council, once occupied by delegates of all reptiles. Maurice, a bright but lonely leaf counter who strives under the rule of a dumb and bullying iguana boss uses sarcasm and humor to try to hide his apathy for life. Once he starts to notice the uprising of the iguanas however, he can no longer hold back and is forced to take action and try to awaken the jungle community to this threat. All the while he is falling in love with a renegade iguana girl, who has no affection for her species lust for power. When it turns out she is indeed the daughter of the iguanas head lizard, things really get interesting and Maurice must use all of his wit, charm, and colorchanging ability to save the day.

  • Red Anvil

    It continues with already being a movie called Rango starring Johnny Depp. It’s about a chameleon that aspires to be a swashbuckling hero who finds himself in a Western town plagued by bandits and is forced to literally play the role in order to protect it. Good idea sir… just a tad late though.

  • Teh_Shard

    That’s a pretty friendly looking female veiled chameleon… and they really do have tons of personality. I miss mine.