This Has to Be The Coolest Cat in the World


I will be the first to tell you that I’m 100% a dog guy and it’s not even close.  Cats are annoying.  They scratch and make weird noises.  There’s something extremely evil about them.  Dogs on the other hand.  They’re nice guys and gals.  They get you slippers, snuggle, and protect you from annoying people.

But folks, if I ever got a cat this would be my cat.  I don’t know how this position came to be and I don’t care.  This is definitely the coolest cat on the planet.

  • Madison

    Not cool when the owner has to clean up that bowl of whatever the hell that is. Put it in a pillow case, tie it tight, and chuck it in a swimming pool. The end.

  • skikes

    I really hate seeing people call cats evil. Im not being a wierd freak cat lover. I just think talking like that kinda gives people a excuse to do things like put them in microwaves and whatever the little douche above said.

  • Madison

    There’s no excuse for doing things like that, but it’s perfectly fine to joke about it.

    I’m not sure I follow your logic in that talking like that gives people an excuse to do it. Doesn’t sound like a very good excuse to me.

  • Nattyb

    Who am I? I’m the unsilent majority bigmouth!

  • skikes

    Lol ur right… it is a bad excuse.

    I just dont get the whole cats being evil thing and its the only logical reason i can think of for someone microwaving a cat.

    So it kinda gets my back up when i hear it.

    Why am i still talking about this?

    …Yeah, the ninja-cat is cool!

  • Nattyb

    If peeing in your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

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  • El Supimpa

    Yep cats re evil, they re from Devil (No this is not about constantine im refering to japanese mythology)
    They can see in the dark, they have strange attacks, they do strange things, I FUCKING LOVE CATS yay!! why!? why theyre cool !!

  • El Supimpa

    And second Nekomatas are the coolest cats in the planet……They launch fucking fireball!

  • espensor