The Coolest 8-Bit Subway Station in the World

Most of the time when I’m walking through the subway I rarely look to my left or right.  In general I’m listening to music and either looking down or straight ahead of me.

Occasionally I might look at a billboard here and there but for the most part nothing grabs my attention.  Guess I should go to Stockholm.  There, you can seeDot-pixel renditions of Mario Brothers, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders decorating the walls of a subway station.

Check out the pics after the jump….


Thanks to Emulate for the photos


  • fluffy

    If someone wants to read more about it:

    It’s really awesome! I live just one subway station away and I always love to admire the tiles when I’m passing through.

  • Seantheartist

    The girls REALLY cute! kinda reminds me of my ex……. oddly.

  • jon

    Pretty cool about apart from the annoying hipster bitch..

  • Bob

    Too bad all of this is going to be covered in graffiti one day.