The Browser Wars Get Metaphorical


Living on the internet all day, I deal with browsers quite a bit. Currently my own pattern is Chrome for browsing, Firefox for posting, mostly because Google can’t understand how to make you be able to resize uploaded pictures in Chrome. It’s like the stupidest issue ever, but it makes it completely unusable whenever I write stuff with images. Which is always.

But yeah, Chrome is fast as balls, IE is the devil, Safari is good for Apple heads, and I’ve never used Opera once, ever. Firefox’s add-ons are actually pretty damn useful, though  they do make the thing pretty damn cluttered pretty quickly.

What’s your browser of choice?

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  • IcemanD

    Firefox with Add Block as the only add-on.

  • I’ve been using Chrome as my default browser since the beta release. I like the clean presentation and speed it provides. My fiancee uses Firefox with all sorts of add ins and it drives me nuts trying to use it.

  • Sideshow87

    Chrome all the man. Simple and fast. For basic use it covers nearly everything.

  • Sideshow87

    oops, “all the WAY man”

  • matt

    chrome for browsing, opera for porn and firfox when chrome doesnt work

  • lol why Opera for porn?

  • Melodie

    I cycle through them.

    I start with Firefox, but then the more the current build updates and updates and updates, the slower it gets, to the point where it takes so long to load that I start to doubt whether I ever clicked on the shortcut.

    Then I use IE for about a day, because it loads quickly, but between the knee-jerk “Microsoft is the devil” thing I have going on and IE7’s habit of freezing until all 900 of a site’s ads have loaded, I get cheesed off and turn to Opera, which I then use till I get fed up with it crashing every seven minutes.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  • JapJay

    FF for home, IE for work (only because I’m forced to). I might gove Chrome a shot at home though because, although I only have a few add-ons for FF, it seems to get really sluggish more often than I’d like and it crashes more than it should.

  • Zarquon

    I’ve now used Maxthon2 for a couple of years. In the beginning, it was very good, but as the internet evolved, Maxthon became more and more unstable.
    However, since I’m accustomed to a lot of the fast-surfing thingies (double click tab closing, …) I keep using it since now other browser has got that yet.
    FF comes close with a couple of addons, but some of them are shitty, and there’s always the possibility that with the next FF update, they don’t work anymore.
    Also, why no bookmarks bar in FF?

  • Henrik

    I use IE. I never really understood why people hate it. It works fine for me so i never botherd to get anything else.

  • snap

    Firefox’s newest update is faster the chrome, but it’s still less reliable because if one tab crashes they all do. however firefox’s neat save and recover feature makes that almost a non issue.

    IE is the most secure of all the browsers.

    Chrome had some neat ideas, and I like it but fire fox’s add on’s make it vastly more useful. Opera and safari are very meh.

  • You may want to look into an article on lifehacker regarding multiple profiles depending on what you are trying to do.

    Writing articles, vs general surfing vs web development.

    It’s something I came across and I’d figure I would pass it along.

    No need for firebug, web developer toolkit, and other thing while just doing dev work.

    No need for adblock plus and other things while deving etc.–manage-multiple-firefox-profiles-231646.php

  • Alwyn

    It’s so funny that the ones commenting on Opera are the ones that don’t use it, or never even looked at it.

    Ok sure, with these new updates or version 10.50-10.52 they tend to crash often, but they sure as hell push the boundaries when it comes to speed and response time of menus. I mean, how often does the Opera browser lag between switching of tabs, or just freeze up? How often do you try scrolling down a page and it lags, then suddenly pops right down to the bottom while pages are loading? So in my eyes, in term of reliability while browsing, putting the crashes aside as it will be fixed no doubt, Opera Browser wins hands down.

    Lets look at facts.

    – It’s fast
    – It has many built in functions without needing any addons like FF which means you can run just your opera browser without having to run applications on the side, or install millions of addons.
    – Built in Mail, RSS and the Widgets run like Applications on your desktop
    – Not open-source and thus the only people working on it are those qualified to do so

    One thing I have to admit is that the feature they’ve implented in FF 3.7a4pre where you can now resize text boxes like you can in Webkit browsers is pretty nifty, but there’s a script you can install on Opera which does exactly the same.

    So in terms of functionality Opera wins in my books. Where I’d use FF is I want to redesign the entire browser, and Chrome when both freak out.

  • Nutjob

    “I’ve never used Opera once, ever.”

    Then you’re a fucking idiot, then.

  • one_time_opera_user

    In response to Alwyn……”how often does the Opera browser lag between switching of tabs, or just freeze up? How often do you try scrolling down a page and it lags, then suddenly pops right down to the bottom while pages are loading?”

    ….All the bloody time. In fact I am trying to type this in opera and its lagging even with simple text! its annoying when i scroll down and suddenly the page freezes and then jumps right to the bottom. just shouldnt be happening. also getting 2 sec lag switching between tabs. Oh and its not a computer problem its a browser problem because chrome, firefox and EVEN internet explorer dont have lag on my machine!!