The Best Scott Baio Picture of All Time


Correct me if I’m wrong here but this is Scott Baio is it not?  I know this picture has been floating around in every single blog’s “random pictures posts” for the last week, but has anyone pointed out that this is Charles in Charge walking his little kid around?

Apparently not.  It makes zero sense to me that something greater hasn’t been made of this photo.  Well damnet, we’re making it greater.  We’re spreading it world wide.  We’re….OK whatever.  It’s Scott Baio.  Still though, it’s awesome.

Could it be a photoshop?  You know?  I’m sure it is but come on.  It’s Scott Baio.  This has to be real.

  • Madison

    That looks painful.

  • Laura

    I think it’s Bob Loblaw

  • Bert

    Shouldn’t he be writing in his Law Blog?

  • Henri

    Careful what you say, or he might lob a law bomb.