Possibly The Best Mullets of All Time

We’re not too big on posting pictures of people and things on this site unless there’s some kind of a movie, television or video game theme attached. But on occasion you run across some things that are well…unreal.

And when I say these mullets are unreal, I truly mean it.

Check this stuff out after the jump…..


  • Schutzenegger

    ” unless there‚Äôs some kind of a movie, television, BOOBS or video game theme attached…”

    Fixed, for accuracy

  • zero

    Sorry… but 90% of the people in these pictures look mentally challenged.

  • Al Coholic

    Wow, those people must all be related, love the one with the upside down cross on the forehead.

  • Orleanas

    Ummmmh…no words, really, but I’ll comment anyway. These people seriously look….wrong. Scary and otherworldly, really. Wow!