The Avengers as 2012 Olympians

As I said last week, we haven’t been doing too much coverage of these 2012 Olympic Games but I promised when we had applicable content we’d post it.   Well this little gallery is certainly applicable.  An artist by the name of Scargeear over at Deviant Art decided to give his impression of what the Avengers would look like should they compete in the Olympic games.

Personally I think all the depictions are spot on.   I mean they’re kind of obvious but who cares?  It’s totally clever and original as no one has done this before.

Check out the pics after the jump…..

Pictures were from Wanna go to the Movies via Geeksaresexy

  • petrino

    shouldnt tony stark be the guy hosting the olympic-ville orgy? 😀

  • Billiam

    Someone explain Loki.

  • Galahad

    He has an extendable stick?

    Sadly, sneaking ‘mewling quim’ into a PG13 movie isn’t an olympic event

  • Harry

    Loki is doing high jump, not pole vault.

  • HULk

    Artist should include Hulk as a brazilian soccer player because in fact that’s a player of the olympic brazilian team.

  • These are one of the most corniest picture galleries I’ve ever seen!!!!! They’re really graphic, though. I like it. My most favorite one is Black Widow; although my favorite Marvel superheor is Thor. I just like all of them. I wonder who did this?