The Ancient Avengers

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Is it too late to still be posting Avengers stuff?  Meh, I don’t think so.  It would be one thing if this movie were a complete bomb.   It’s another since the movie was great I feel we have free reign to do whatever the hell we want.  Anyway, we thought you guys would enjoy this picture.


  • Gemma

    Did anyone else notice that Thor doesn’t have a Hammer here? How have I not seen this before or had it pointed out by the internet?

    Still a good film though.

  • linx

    He does, look in the shadow a little more carefully.

  • teri

    Thor certainly has a hammer here. it’s in his left hand.

  • Casey

    Umm….yes he does. It’s in his left hand; hidden by the shadow. That’s probably why no one’s pointed it out.