Tech Sounds That We Unfortunately Don’t Get To Hear Anymore

Do you ever get nostalgia for things that used to piss you off?   I’ll give you a perfect example.   Remember having to blow on Nintendo cartridges to get the games to work?  Even though that totally annoyed you, its was like a “victory” of sorts when the game would work.

And it’s not just Nintendo I’m talking about.  This also applies to everyday stuff.   Stuff that used to bug you but there’s a small part of you that actually misses the aggravation.  Laptopmag put together an awesome picture series on sounds. we used to know and love (or hate).

Check out the pics and sound descriptions after the jump

The MAC OS “uh oh” Sound

The VHS rewinding sound

The sound of a floppy disk drive

The dial-up model handshake

An old school dial tone

The wind of a rotary phone

Boot-Up Beeps

“You’ve got mail!”

The Windows 95 Shutdown Sound

Dot matrix printout

CRT TV on and off sound

A very clicky keyboard


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