Swimming Pools That I Have To Swim in Someday

I know that this site is mainly dedicated to media.   We write posts that discuss our favorite movies, television shows, video games, or even just what bugs us about a certain industry.   But if there’s one thing we definitely appreciate on this site it’s creativity.   We love a good artist and we also love a great design.

But that doesn’t just apply to art or people who do cosplay.   And when I saw these pictures of amazing pools I had to share it with you guys.  If anything you’ll look at these pictures and simply wish you were in another place.

Here is a collection of pools I hope to swim in someday……

It’s honestly just not fair how amazing these are.  Check out the whole gallery below….

  • Necroholic

    I would want to avoid the bedroom pool, making your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night is risky enough, lets not add risk of drowning to that

  • nico

    Psh none of those compare to these awesome Natural Pools, no chlorine needed ! http://www.biotop-natural-pool.com/der_klassikteich.html