Superhero Fails Never Get Old

Superhero Fails

For every person that takes the time to create a costume that is not only accurate but that simply kicks ass, there’s about 100 people who don’t care and simply whip together the crappiest collection of parts to form a would-be costume.   Additionally, there are those who actually take the time to make their costumes but they just wind up sucking.

The nice thing is that this happens every single year.  And it happens often.  It’s just not Halloween that we see costume fails, it’s at every single costume party imaginable.   Speaking of costume parties, I’m guessing these folks didn’t fair too well at their “Superhero” costume affairs.

Here are 15 superheroes that are hardly super

I’ve tried to appropriately name each one.

Girl’s Bicycle Guy

Superhero Fails


Superhero Fails


Superhero Fails


Superhero Fails

 Ghost Guy

Superhero Fails

Gameglove Man

Superhero Fails

Penis Bulge Man

Superhero Fails

Foil Man

Superhero Fails

Controller Man

Superhero Fails

Vacuum Little Man

Superhero Fails

Towel Man

Superhero Fails

Q Man

Superhero Fails

Underwear Man

Superhero Fails

Water Heater Man

Superhero Fails

Intestine Man

Superhero Fails

  • Intestine

    The Q man is Quailman from the show Doug. But a good photo collection nonetheless!

  • Lyre

    Q Man is actually a really good costume! It’s a pretty good facsimile of “Quailman” from the popular Nickelodeon series “Doug”. And while the “Water Heater Man” is a pretty bad “costume”, you have to admit, Jack Black was pretty funny in “Be Kind, Rewind”

  • QT

    Q man? really thats obviously quail man and it’s a decent costume. Please go watch Doug.

  • JZ

    +2 Lyre

  • moe

    yeah Quail man is all WIN and i think the pic you got of called “water heater man” is jack black in be kind rewind as “Robocop”

    the rest are good though

  • IcemanD

    Controller Man and Towel Man are submissions to Ctrl+Alt+Del for Winter-Een-Mas.

  • ash

    Isn’t waterheater man, Jack Black from Be Kind Rewind?

  • Ashweee

    also I think that the black guy in the foil is the silver surfer? Why else would he just be carrying a surf board covered in foil?

    hehe Quail man! I miss Doug, that show was awesome!

  • Henrik

    You do know that second last photo is from a movie? That is Jack Black in Be Kind Rewind as Robocop.

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  • Velovan

    Clearly, you need to watch Doug.

  • Curses! Foiled again!

  • Supertruper

    like I have the Superhero song in the background… “o Yes he’s a superhero”

  • This is funny as hell! Ruined only by your terrible Fail Hero naming ability…You should be called Namefail Man. LOL
    Hilarious post though and that Mos Def is Jack Black as Robocop…

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  • jo

    Actually “Underwear Man” is from a manga called Hentai Kamen, translated literally to Masked Pervert. He gained super strength by performing perverted acts and obscured his face with women’s panties.

  • im a super hero

  • im you

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