GIF of the Week: Steven Tyler’s Interracial High Five

I’m not sure how many of you have been involved in an awkward high five or any time of hand shake that goes wrong but clearly we all have.  It’s just a matter of how awkward these things actually get.

Sometimes it’s a situation that can be forgotten about.  On other occasions you have to mention it to the other person and talk about how awkward it is.   Thankfully in other situations you can just laugh at other people “doing it wrong.”

Clearly Steven Tyler hasn’t quite gotten the whole fist bump thing down yet.  And if he hasn’t gotten it by now, he never will.   This GIF is about the only thing I like about American Idol.

  • msgsudz

    it is kinda funny, but to be fair, Tyler put his hand up first for a high five. it’s actually Randy who screwed it up.

  • Anthony Ross

    Yeah, the high five is still acceptable, I think Randy needs to accept not all things deserve a fist bump, Steven clearly calls for a high five and kudos to him for making the effort to regroup after Randy totally blows the five.

  • jay

    isnt this shopped?

  • Mike

    I agree with the first two. Randy messed this up. Randy is a racist.

  • Jim Jahey

    Randy did mess this up, but to be fair, Stephen Tyler probably thinks high fives are still in and that it’s still 1985 in his drug induced stupor

  • Korky

    Randy is just a pointless prop at this point. Tyler is worth 3 Cowells.

  • ryan bonline

    steven tyler should have followed this by saying: “paper covers rock bitch!”