Badass Picture of the Week: Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield

SophiaI can’t help but to think of an ever popular quote from Seinfeld: “That Jayne Mansfield had some big breasts.”  And from the looks of it Sophia Loren must have thought the same thing.You gotta love when Hollywood shows the self consciousness of even the hottest celebrities.  We may think these women have high opinions of themselves but in most cases it’s just the opposite.I mean you don’t get much bigger than Sophia Loren was in her day.  And even then girls will be girls.  It’s almost as if they’re sitting in a high school cafeteria rather than at Romanoff’s in Beverly Hills.

  • jibson

    Sophia Loren my dear.

  • Madison

    Wow, she’s just spilling out of that top…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Nattyb

    Not even remotely.

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  • Arletta

    Reality check: Ms. Manfield did not have large breasts – she had a huge ribcage, so it made them stick out rather far and appear to be large breasts, and she wore very little clothing on them.

    Take a look at her old Playboy photos, and the complaints about them to the editor in magazines after they were published! There were a lot of complaints as to how she only looked good with her clothes on, and how many fantasies had been ruined.

    If you are going to be ogling women, have the decency to ogle them with accurate knowledge!

    And, Sophia Loren does not look jealous, she looks like she’s worried those silly little boobs are going to tumble out (as they had a habit of doing) and get onto her plate.

  • Michelle B

    The story behind this pic as told by Sophia in her autobiography was that this was a dinner party in honor of Sophia winning her history making Best Actress Oscar , the first given for a non- English speaking role . Jane showed up in a very low cut dress and then proceeded to do anything she could to upstage Sophia in front of the paps , including bending very low to allow her breasts to spill out of her dress ( there are pics of Jane’s nip slip at the event online ) . Jane tried to play it off as accident but nobody was fooled as she obviously had worn such a tastelessly low cut dress just for that purpose and was known to have a habit of pulling such stunts . Sophia was not pleased or amused that Jane resorted to such vulgar methods to rudely try to upstage her at a party held in her honor . Sophia never respected Jane from then on , and thought of her as a pale, second rate imitation and wannabe of Marilyn Monroe, whom Sophia adored .

  • kendra

    That is so cute,sophia is giving jayne that “no that hoochie-mama didn’t” look out of the corner of her eye lmao.Sophia don’t trip you were so beautiful not even too much cleavage across the table could take the attention away from you my dear! this is so funny though ,even back then women had to compete physically & sexually in order to climb up the social and career ladder.Well some things will never change ,-smiles- ….hopefully one day we will not have to do the kim kardashian to be recognized for the beautiful,intelligent queens we are.Love you too though,jayne!

    • Brandon Maceri

      women have had to compete sexually and physically since the dawn of mankind. not just “back then”. its human nature.

  • Lydia

    I agree with Arletta…there is no jealousy.

  • They look good, but I bet they felt like nerf-balls.
    There’s a reason “Cosmopolitan” buts cleavage on their covers all the time…
    Females were breast fed too.

  • “puts”.

  • cheeflo

    Glad someone made that known, Michelle B. The look of disdain on Loren’s face says it all.

  • sakara

    Sophia with a wonderfully hateful catholic hypocritical look on her face—while jayne has a happy go lucky slutty gee wiz look.

    Other photos has Loren eventually laughing at the total craziness of it all.

    And then there’s the video clip of shorty Mickey Rooney with his face on same level of Mansfield’s boobs.