Some Wicked Cool Superhero Redesigns

Superheroes get costume redesigns every few years, as is tradition in comics which are constantly trying to keep things fresh. But more often than not, they don’t want to stray too far from the original lest they alienate fans, and what we see is usually just a small tweak of what we’ve seen.

But fans are under no such restriction, and artist ProlificPen decided to go all-out in redesigned some of the most famous heroes out there. His new take on Iron Man is above, and below there’s a new look at Spider-Man 2099, Rogue and Batman, all of which are more badass than their original counterparts.

Hopefully he does more in the series, and if he does I’ll definitely be doing a re-feature.

  • JZ

    badass, besides i don’t like the IM one

  • LuckyClover

    They’re all awesome except Batman. 😛

  • pedro

    That would be the iron man if they choose tom cruise only way to make room for his nose

  • Marco

    Ugh… That’s the silver ice-skating Batman from Batman and Robin.

  • jaromir

    The batman is absolutely horrible, the others are pretty good especially the Rogue. I remember a couple years going back Wizard mag had a revamp of the DC characters (they all looked pretty good).

  • shwiggles

    Batman’s ears are way too big. Spider-Man also makes me think of Scarlet Spider. And what’s with the fingernails and fins on the forearm?

  • Jason

    Why does Batman have a tiara?

  • Paul

    Iron Man is now powered by the Flux Capacitor.

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  • Miguel

    i would love to see some fused super heroes, like Iron man and ghost rider. that’d be awesome!

  • cainraw

    meh, these are pretty weak,slow news day or what?

  • The Spider-Man redesign is cool and that rogue is hot! 🙂

  • MegaSolipsist

    Spiderman’s thighs are WAY too big.