Is This the Best Snoop Dogg Picture of All Time?

Snoop Dogg

When you see a picture like this you don’t walk, you run to get it up on your site.  I for one am a huge fan of Snoop Dogg.  I like him as a rapper, an actor, and all around person who’s more than willing to be in hilarious pictures with seals.

And the best part about the Dogg is that he’s still going strong.  If you really think about it the guy is like Madonna for rappers.  He’s constantly reinventing himself while keeping a big audience.

Not to mention I just don’t think the guy cares.  And I love it.

  • WizardFace

    I liked snoop dog untill he released that massacred version of eastern jam. As a Brit, i’ve been listening to dubstep for a couple of years and i think its a shame the this terible song was what brought the genre to the US.

  • Lauren

    I second you on Snoop. He’s got a great sense of humor that makes him so likable, he can really do no wrong. Back in my gothic college days, I even bought that first album, pretending to like it ironically, when I actually loved it for real.

  • Noah

    You need to straighten up your West Coast sign Snoop! It looks like he’s repping East Coast in the picture.

  • Milk

    That’s not a west coast sign…that’s an EastSide sign. He’s from ES long beach.