Should You Trust That Doctor?


From CollegeHumor comes this handy chart about which pop culture doctors you should actually trust, based on an axis of their competency and dependability. I’m not quite sure how ones like “Doc” from Snow White is judged in a useful way, but it’s a fun chart nonetheless. I particularly like how real life doctors Phil and Oz are less trustworthy than Doctor Strange and Doctor Seuss.

I’m also still not used to the new Peter Capaldi Doctor, so I thought he was House at first. Wait, why is house not on here? You have the Spin Doctors but no Doctor House?

  • froggystyle66

    Also, where is Dr. Nick Riviera?

    • Hi everybody! Came here to say that. If not Dr. Nick, at least Dr. Hibbert.

  • Rex_Hondo

    Putting on my nerd hat for a moment, shouldn’t Doctor Strange be at least a bit further to the right? He was a hotshot surgeon before becoming Sorcerer Supreme.