Crossing The Line? “Sexy” Female Anime Figures

I don’t think I’ll ever really be into the crazy world of Anime.   Personally I just can’t get past the really big eyeballs.  It kind of scares me.  But in this world of technology and cyber whatever, it’s easy to see how a society can get wrapped up in fantasy.  And anime is a perfect gateway to this fantasy world.

Before you know it we really will have surrogates and we really will be losing all personal relationships in favor of robots.  To me that’s sad but I guess we’re all going to have to evolve.  Speaking of which, do you guys find this anime stuff attractive?  I don’t know man.  I feel like a perv if I say yes but you can’t deny some of these figurines are kind of hot.

I guess you guys be the judge of this sexy anime gallery….

Honestly this picture does nothing for me.  Still though, I guarantee it’s doing something for some of you.  And that’s something that we’re just gonna have to deal with in the coming years.  You’re all a bunch of sickos.

More Anime Girls – You be the judge

  • James

    Yes, these action figures are designed for “fan service”

  • zero

    This is pretty disturbing, but I actually know a guy that collects these things….


    eh, those are only a small taste of whats actually out there. This stuff is art/sculpture to me, as most of the more expensive ones are really high quality, higher than anything you would find in America. Then there are erotic ones the fans make themselves, which dont really look good at all.

    It only becomes “disturbing” when people start dripping condensed milk on these expensive figures to replicate bukkake. I couldnt ever see myself doing that to a collectible!

  • Korky

    Well, they look better than my old He-Man figures (that I totally don’t play with anymore). Call me back when they are life-sized sex robots.

  • Sexy Figurines

    Fuck these are sexy, I’d love to fuck their tight little pussies!

  • Wow, these anime figures are really awesome! Thumb up for posting this! 🙂