The 15 Scariest Pictures of Steven Tyler

Since you guys seem to love our “15 hottest pictures of” articles, I wanted to introduce a new genre of photo articles.   This one is going to focus on some of the more unusual celebrities out there.   Who better to start with than Steven Tyler?

For the record I really like Steven Tyler and have the utmost respect for the guy.  He’s been flying sober for a very long time and happens to be a very honest a nice guy.  I thought he was a fine addition to American Idol (not that I watched it, hee hee).

But you have to admit he’s a little scary looking.  And not just now.   His entire career.  Check out the 15 most scary Steven Tyler pics after the jump….

That’s Something out of Dark Crystal


I have no comment

Rumor has it that’s not even him in this pic but I don’t care

That’s just plain wrong


Jim Morrison Days

That’s almost like Jackie Stallone

Man oh Man

I Will Never Drink Milk again

What is that hat and is he a woman?

Jimmy would not approve

I’d be scared too

Everything is NOT A-OK

That says it all


  • Kelly

    I’m sorry but the bathing suit photo and the shirt lifted photo are ADORABLE! What are you even talking about? Yeah, the post rehab pic with the sling around his arm is pretty sad 🙁 I love the old black/white photos, thanks for posting!

  • joe

    hee hee!

  • Elodie

    If you have so much respect for the guy, then why are you making fun of the way he looks?

    Seriously. This is just mean. :/

  • Cal

    Nah its not mean its just honest!

    The man is from that weird androgynous era of the late 70s. Prince and Rick James come to mind.

  • john v.

    I remember seeing an article awhile back entitled, aging rock Stars who look like lesbians. Steven Tyler and Tom Petty topped the list as I recall.

    He’s easy to make fun of but I’m sure he gets more pussy in a month than we will in a lifetime.

  • Scarmax

    I especially liked him in Aliens when he played the part of the queen alien.

    Err… that WAS Steven Tyler, right? 😐

  • rocker

    yet hes been with more girls than all of those combined. don’t hate

  • PinkTyler

    Scary??? Sorry, you are mistaken. These are shots of an effin’ gorgeous man who gets better with age. Scary might be what you get when YOU look in the mirror…I dunno….but these pics are anything but scary