The Coolest Taxi License ID Ever


So wait a second, did Robert De Niro actually have to get a NYC Taxi License to be in the movie Taxi Driver?  I mean the movie was in 1976 and this I.D. expired in 1976.

No folks.  There was actually some buzz around the internet saying that De Niro rose from humble beginnings and what not but it’s not exactly hard to go to his IMDB Page to realize the guy was in Godfather II in 1974.

Robert De Niro simply held a temporary hack license in NYC because he was preparing for his role in the movie Taxi Driver, not because he was literally a cab driver.

Still though, this photo is badass.

  • falling

    ww, really id never heard that de niro drove a taxi to prepare for his role. and this is his actual licence? im dumbstruck… please put more than 5 mins of random typing into ur articles

  • thanks – quick blogs are better – too many reasons to list

    BTW – great blog

  • Nattyb

    @falling – Boo
    @Goodstuff – Yay!

  • Bert

    Bob kinda looks like Joaquin Phoenix with a bowl cut in that photo…