Recasting Movies with Pro Wrestlers

Many of you know me as the nostalgic guy who loves to talk about the “better days” of movies.   Granted I know I’m a little jaded and perhaps I don’t appreciate the new technology medium because I didn’t grow up with it.  Still though, I do miss the “good old days.”

Well the same goes for wrestling.  Remember how awesome it used to be?  I used to think it was real.  I mean the athletes of pro wrestling today are way better than they used to be.  Hell it’s probably more entertaining.  But I’m 32.  So what can you say?

But when I came across this awesome forum that photoshopped old school wrestlers onto movie posters, I was sold.   We’d like to thank the forum members at Something Awful for these pictures.

Now, onto the photos…..


  1. JZ August 31, 2011
  2. Bert August 31, 2011
  3. nyxaria August 31, 2011
  4. Huh August 31, 2011
  5. Captain Awesome August 31, 2011
  6. Layne August 31, 2011
  7. Damian August 31, 2011
  8. Carlos Colon August 31, 2011

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