10 Disturbingly Realistic Zombie Costumes


I’m one of these people who can watch a really violent movie and yet still eat my dinner without hesitating.  Blood and guts doesn’t really gross me out so I can usually handle gory scenes and such.

However, there are just some things I can’t hold down my food for.  And they’re usually classified as “disturbing” things.   Not so much blood and guts but more “unnatural” if you will.

I’m not sure if zombies qualify but maybe the combo of gore and the fact that this look just ain’t right really freaked me out.

Check out these ten realistic zombie costumes.

Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes

  • J5

    Yikes. Guy or chick, I would punch one of these people if they were anywhere near me at a Halloween party. No questions, just hammerfists.

  • chrystani

    Ahahaha @ hammerfist…

    But the only thing I found really creepy is the 2nd guys pristine hair.

    You mean a zombie can eff my brains up and find the time to brush his illustrious bangs back…

    Thats too much.

  • SirEdward

    Any lady who dons graphic zombie makeup is a lady worthy of my hand in marriage.

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  • tissmekyle

    i really like number 6 (guy with helmet)

  • Name required, indeed!

    ENOUGH with the white / blue contacts!!!
    They kill an otherwise “realistic” zombie costume.


    Second from the bottom gets my approval.

  • Cheshire


    Nice display of the Internet Tough Guy, there “Hammerfist.” You’re a real winner.

  • j5


    I know! I hate it when people make jokes on the internet! It’s terrible! Especially when their jokes include violence! They’re just trying to be tought and not funny!


    But seriously, your superior internet douche persona is showing. Maybe you’d prefer I dined the zombie with cheese snacks, wine and french poetry?

  • DerpishQualities

    Is it weird i find the first guy (Highschooler zombie)
    Really hot? I dunno. Maybe im just into blood and Guts.

  • Ace

    anyone know how he has done that ? the soldier with face missing

  • Cat

    Lol, Blanche MacDonald student 3rd up from the bottom.

  • DumDumWantGumGum

    Duudddee I like the chick in the bathing suit with her guts spilling out

  • hahaha

    the first one is kinda cute. i dnt care if he eats my flesh of. ill enjoy it

  • Angel

    Oh yea the first guy can eat my flesh and I agree, it would be most enjoyable.

    Trying to figure out how to replicate #4. Seriously bhadass.

  • Brittany

    The first zombie, the guy at the top is so HOTT!

  • Aly Godlien

    I am actually the 9th girl zombie picture!! And I have no idea how i managed to come across this, but I did. My artist who did this was my best friend from Van City. She is an astounding gore artist!! And I am both honored that I got to work with her and that I was posted on here.!!! Thank you from her and I <3.