An Eleven Year Old’s Rationale For Wanting Call of Duty

We all know that video games are pretty violent these days.  And how much that violence leads to real life violence is something that will continue to be debated.   And until it’s proven that little kids that play violent video games are turning into murderers by the 1000s I think it’s safe to say that violent video games are going nowhere.

Sure things do happen once in a while but it’s clearly not an epidemic.  In any event it’s pretty tough to argue against getting Call of Duty for this rational little twirp.

  • NiceBloke

    Rational he may be, but none of his arguments are valid.

    1) Just proves he’s too young to play it
    2) Just proves the parents of his friends don’t understand game ratings
    3) Unless he’s reading books that contain the same kind of violence shown in Call of Duty, its a moot point. Good boy for reading though 😉
    4) There is no proof that is the case
    5) This just shows he ‘needs’ a new game
    6) His friends are so shallow that they base friendship on video game ownership
    7) Popularity does not come from joining in conversations, try being a better person and get to know your peers.

    I’m a parent of three. I understand game ratings are there for a reason and do not let my children play ones that have been rated above thier ages. Its about time parents actually bothered to find out what input their children are getting from the media.

  • Nickincollege

    If she were to buy it, it should be on the condition that she take his mic away.

  • I like the bit at the end when he corrects his age.

  • Is this for real? Maybe he’s an exception, but kids don’t normally have such eloquent writing skills.

  • OrangesofDeath

    After reading this, I’d probably go right out and buy the damn game for him.

  • echo

    I don’t care how smart he thinks he maybe, CoD has far too much violence and mature subject matter for a child of that age. Now I’m an avid gamer, and have been for decades, but I would not let this kid play this game or any game that I deemed to mature for him. It’s not necessarily the amount of violence that he would be exposed to that would concern me, but more so the subject matter and the context of that violence. We all know, from personal experience that children are easily influenced by the things they see, do, hear, etc. The movies, music, and TV I watched as I child shaped the way I see the world around me and had profound, if often subtle, influences on me. Do I think he would go out become a murderer? No. But I do think that given his age and lack of emotional maturity to cushion the subject matter he’s exposed to, it would effect him. The short and sweet of it is that children only get to be children for what seems an increasingly short time. They will have a life time to be exposed to all the violence and ugliness that can be a reality of our world, but only a few short years where we have the luxury to shield them from it. He would gain nothing by playing video games of this type at 11. He gains far more by not being exposed to that kind of violence and subject matter for at least a while longer. My two cents.

  • EJ

    Call of Duty is a game of two parts: Single Player and Multiplayer. Single Player is FAR too violent and mature for an 11 yr old. Multiplayer is not- the violence is toned way down. However, multiplayer also has the problem of adults and teens who say the worst things imaginable and create highly offensive playertags. Take away the mike and the bad language just flows out of the TV speakers. Neither is suitable for an 11 yr old. Do I think violent video games make kids violent? No. My 7 yr old and I play CoD against each other by ourselves or in combat training with my friends who know my son is playing so they don’t curse. In those narrow confines, the game is fine for an 11 yr old I suppose, but you’d have to take into respect the kid. I’ve talked with mine and he understands the difference between games and real life, even at 7. He knows not to go near a gun if he sees it. But would I buy him that game to play without my supervision? Never.

  • Anon E. Moose

    I’ve been playing violent games my whole life! Starting from Doom at age 5, Quake II at around 7 and then multiple other “violent” games, like Daikatana, the original couple of GTAs, Serious Sam, Quake III, Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Postal.
    All games that could have used Dead Space 2’s sales pitch and I turned out just fine. As a matter of fact, I’ve never been one to initiate physical violence.
    You Yanks really do overreact a lot, when it comes to children. It’s not really normal to go ape shit, because your kid saw some nude images by accident. He won’t turn into a rapist, unlike the popular American opinion. It’s preposterous that the naked body is such a taboo, in a fucked up culture like the one in the states.

  • Matt

    I first played Mortal Kombat at age 9 and I’ve yet to murder anyone by ripping out their spine or throwing them into a pit full of spikes.

    A lot of people seem to think that children live in bubbles. The answer “That game is too violent, so no” doesn’t work. If he wants to play the game he can obviously go to a friends house and play it there. Which can lead to an entirely different set of problems. Do the parents try to ban that friendship when they find out? And what happens after that? Will he lie about where he’s going to so he continue hanging out with that friend?

    Parents need to discuss the issues with them. Back then my parents didn’t really understand the concept of video game violence, but they did understand why movies were rated R. I came up with a similar set of arguments as to why I should get to watch R rated movies, and my parents agreed with one condition: I could watch them but only if they were present.

    You cannot shelter children and keep them from all the “naughty” bits of the world, you can only explain it to them as best as you can and as age appropriately as possible.

  • Mikey

    I would slap the kid for wanting to play such a shitty game

  • elnino

    “I first played Mortal Kombat at age 9 and I’ve yet to murder anyone by ripping out their spine or throwing them into a pit full of spikes”

    Not for a lack of trying I’m sure….

  • I.G.

    Say what you will about the reasons the boy gave, they sure beat mine. (Currently 17.75)

    3) I WANT TO IMPROVE MY ATHLETIC ABILITIES (everyone runs faster with a knife)
    4) Did I mention the whole shooting/killing people?
    5) Zombies.

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