A Collection of Rare Bruce Lee Pictures

There weren’t too many nor will there ever be actors or athletes with the style and charisma of a Bruce Lee.   It’s not even the fact that he was a tiny dude and could beat up everyone that made him so awesome.  I mean yeah, that’s part of it.  But he just seemed like such a genuinely nice guy with a confidence that could never be matched no matter what the challenge might have been.

It’s a terrible shame he didn’t live longer and it would have been awesome to see more movies that never got made.   Unfortunately all we have left are memories and footage.

But it’s always nice when something new comes along, like these photos….

It’s not often you saw him with facial hair but no matter what the guy is a total badass.

More rare Lee shots below

  • MrIPfreely

    All these photos are awesome, especially the last one.

    Bruce Lee can chuck Norris

  • MrIPfreely

    Oh wait a sec.He already did!

  • kaveh reza

    thank you so much for showing these snaps…. fantastic… bruce lee has inspired me so much in my life.. 🙂