15 Random Looks At Famous Characters

I think you can tell by this first picture what the rest of pictures might look like.   What if you took some of the most beloved video game, movie, and even comic book characters and made them look like things entirely different than what they normally represent.

I’m assuming most represent good, fun, wholeheartedness and anything positive you can think of.  But what if they looked evil?  Bored?  Angry?  Or any other negative quality?  Or how about they just look different period?

That’s what these 15 pictures are all about…..

  • jaromir

    I’ve seen some of these in the past, I don’t really get the reference to the Ghost Busters one though, but IMO the Snoopy one is the best. Regardless there all pretty neat.

    What I never understood is why the people who create these pictures never sign there own work, or give some sort of reference to show it’s their originals, IMO it’s truly original pieces of art work that should be recognized.

  • Gabriel

    that Ronald Mcdonald one….gross….just…gross…

  • Bert

    @ jaromir – the Ghostbusters one is actually…Toastbusters.

    And I really think that the first pic after the jump should have had him eating Shreddies.

  • jaromir

    @Bert- thanks!

    @ myself……….duh.

    thanks again.

  • Ellie

    The Ghostbuster one reminds me of that Spongebob episode (the Pranks-A-Lot one) where Spongebob and Patrick use invisible spray to scare everyone into thinking they’re ghosts.

    *cut to another fish*
    *cut to a blue fish pointing to a piece of toast*
    *cut to a fish on the john*

  • Ian

    @Bert – No way…for all the times he claimed “Tonight I dine on turtle soup!” this is too epic and my favorite picture out of this awesome set!!!