This is Pure Awesomeness

It would definitely be a whole lot cooler if some people dressed as Mario came outside and started jumping up and down.  Actually this might be better if there were a video based on this.

Hmmm.  Whoever is reading this.  Can you guys send in Photoshops of this picture and add whatever you want below the question mark?  Paul will choose the best ones and feature them on this site.

  • trashcanman

    Can’t help but think that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. All I can think about is hauling a trampoline to that house and bashing my head into that baby.

  • It seems out of place. Is this a video game store?

  • Fireflynik

    It’s a store in Lewisburg, PA. Used to be a pet shop. My girlfriend took a picture of it last time she was in town. I was kind of surprised to actually recognize it.

  • haha, if only this was in a college town it would get lots of action!