Creepy Post-It Note Art

Sometimes we dive into the world of what we deem as “unreal.”  I’m not 100% sure how this gallery of Post-It art qualifies but I think I can safely say that it’s not ordinary.  So much so that it deserved a spot on this site.

I mean let’s face it.  Who cares if it’s on Post-It notes or not?  Fact is, it’s creepy and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

See for yourself….

  • Deodorant

    Not too creepy, but quite beautiful. If anyone’s interested, here are some links to more or less similar artists on deviantart:
    Oh, and some shameless self-promotion:

  • joe

    lol.. they’re creepy.. and anyone who thinks they aren’t is creepy too.

  • Mutant Turd

    A lot of these actually remind me of the XBLA game Limbo. Awesome art though. I would have these on my wall.

  • Wizard

    The umbrella one is pretty beautiful, but the rest actually are a little dark and creepy but amazing nonetheless.

  • Damn I thought these were beautiful. Quite imaginative.

  • bl4cksp4de

    The artist HAS to be a Mary Poppins fan.

  • Matthijs

    Wow, the one with the bird house is just messed up! Quite awesome drawings, though.

  • Andrew C

    Looks like something out of a Hayao Miyazaki movie. It *SHOULD* be one, too! It looks really cool!

  • Clay

    I see some Miyazaki Hayao influence in a few of these, especially the last one. It seems to be a creepy representation of a scene from Totoro.

  • ego grungy

    This is pure Edward Gorey influence here.

  • Karen Knigge

    They are very beautiful and interesting

  • weird pics lol

  • lisa

    so- does anyone know who the artist is?

  • belladonna

    The first in the collection, reminds me of the creature who comes into the bath house on Spirited Away.

  • I like it very much. Quietly sad,demented
    Reminds me of Maurice Sendacks Wild Things.
    Not so creepy if you look at art all the time.

  • KZ


  • Simply amazing!

  • erykha

    Seriously… What’s the name of this artist?!

  • Nada Abu Taleb

    I love them all. It some how looks like the art I make. beautifully creepy!!