Possibly The Best Star Wars Episode VI Picture Ever

We picked up this little beauty from Reddit.  The picture has over 200 comments and honestly I don’t think I can do this picture justice as well as some of the things people have been saying.    The first of which “Did anyone else notice the dude running with an ice cream maker?”

Here are some other choice comments I saw.  Feel free to chime in!

I’m like 99% sure the emperor was alergic to pistachio, and the rebels were planning something BIG revolving around that. The whole being thrown into huge fucking pit and bursting into lightning kind of put the kibosh on that though.

Is it just me or did Willrow add a few pounds? Sampling those ‘secret plans’ I suppose.

I’m pretty sure that’s a salad spinner.

A friend of mine was Willrow Hood for Halloween… nobody got it.

  • cutter

    I’m pretty sure this is episode Five, not Six. The set he’s running on looks like cloud city.

  • Willrow is the man! He even makes a great travel companion! Don’t believe me? Check out my adventures with him across the country this summer! http://ironstallion.blogspot.com/2010/06/oregon-day-2.html#more

  • firsttimer

    I really want someone to do a Katrina looter reference being that i am not clever enough to think of one

  • Mike

    Stormtrooper Fleshlight joke?

  • Z

    For some reason this made me think of the Wilhelm scream.

  • Drester

    @ firsttimer

    Haha nice, I can’t think of one either but it’s funny nonetheless

  • This is in The Empire Strikes Back, which is Episode V. Dilettante.

  • McFish

    This is a shot from The Empire Strikes Back. Its the cloud city of vespin, da house of space pimp daddy Lando Calrissian and that thing is an ice-cream maker. They even made a action figure of him. I shit you not, check it out:

  • Grady Tripp

    I think that’s Vernon Hardapple!