Photoshopping Disney Characters Where they Don’t Belong

Every so often you can count on a number of fans to come through in a big way when they use their creative skills to come up with photoshops that leave you giggling for the next five minutes.

I have come across such a project.   Recently a bunch of people were asked to photoshop Disney characters into real life photos.  The photos could be movie photos, news photos, whatever.

The results were outstanding.  Check out the gallery after the jump….

I don’t care how cruel this picture may seem, you have to admit it’s kind of humorous.   And by the way,  thanks to the forum members at Something Awful for these.

More Disney Photoshops below

  • Clockwork Orange Pinocchio droog is fantastic.

  • johnny buongiorno

    the one with the dying child.. not so much

  • Sarah

    Good post but you need a new way to view photos. It’s annoying having to load a new page for each one.