Photo of the Week: Why Not Take a Chance???

I feel like we need more comics on this site.  So folks, if you ever have an awesome comic, please feel free to send it in to us!   I came across this one a few weeks ago and stored it for a day like this.   If anyone knows who the creator of it is, we’d love to give credit.    It was actually sent to us by a reader and we never got an artist’s name.

While this scenario is highly unlikely, it’s absolutely awesome how this thing turns out.

  • chakalaka

    try to find out who made it. it is a great tool for stuff like this. it seems that this might be from deviantart.

  • ponder

    hahaha this made my morning. More comics!

  • carbonwest

    It is from a webcomic named Rob and Elliot

  • GC
    Mostly about Kirby and other characters in the Smash Bros. series, its made me appreciate Kirby more as fan.

  • Mouserz

    Oh man i remember seeing this a few years ago.