Photo of the Week: The Best TMNT Costumes of all Time

Each Friday we’re gonna try and bring you a photo that will stick with you through the weekend.  A photo that kind of makes you speechless.  A photo that you can share with your friends, have discussions about, and hell, even make your wallpaper.

This week’s photo?  Um, clearly this is the best TMNT picture in the history of TMNT pictures.   If anyone, and I mean anyone has the name and whereabouts of this group of girls please for the love of God let us know.

Because if we get a hold of them, I smell an entire Cosplay gallery coming.   Get to work!

  • Alaconz


  • Camelman

    It looks like Donatello is getting frisky with Leonardo.

  • Sylkmatic

    I dont know what to say besides…I LOVE BEING A TURTLE!

  • imutau

    I’m heading to the pet store right the freak now!!

  • Brian

    I actually know the gril dressed as LEONARDO!!
    hit me back and i’ll give some details if your serious on trying to contact them

  • Ragu

    where, that girl in the middle, is her hand?

  • ric

    best turtles Cosplay ever and then some. for cosplay every Monday and Friday morning come over to
    From Ric The Real Stooge

  • GnomeSlice

    Cute girls in bikinis does NOT automatically equal ‘good costumes’ This is terrible ‘cosplay’.

  • Krome

    i like turtles