Photo of the Week: Starting Young

As much as I love video games and being online I’m hoping to take a bit of a different route with my little one.   What I mean is, I don’t want him to be too attached to electronics.  I think that in this day and age children are becoming way less personal and too attached to screens and people that aren’t physically there.

While I’d love for my son to be a whiz in the video game and online arenas I also want him to be able to shake people’s hands and have conversations.   Still though, this picture is pretty awesome.

  • More than once I’ve pondered on that. Some of us got to grow alongside technology, and it just happened that with many things –laptops, internet, public personal profiles, cellphones– they were available just as we were old enough to use them responsibly. But what is the right age for a kid to have a cell phone? A personal laptop? A public facebook profile?

  • Hatake Panic

    My daughter is 1 and she learned how to work a Wiimote by watching me play. It’s too cute when she picks it up and starts button mashing with her pudgy little fingers

  • Perfection

    The problem isn’t a kid playing games early, that just gives them more time to learn how to balance gaming and socializing, the problem is it’s playing a 360. No kid should have to grow up playing such a shitty console.