Photo of the Week: Leonard Loves Sports

Rarely if ever do we mention sports on this website but come on man.  When it’s Leonard Hofstadter then it’s our obligation to put up a photo.  I still refuse to believe that Johnny Galecki is closing in on 40 years of age.  I wonder how much longer he’ll be able to play a 20 something scientist.  Or is it considered 30s on the show?

Whatever the case, Galecki’s looking older than ever this season.  Go sports!

  • Joe

    Wait, people on this site like this show…….

  • Sam

    I could’ve sworn Nattyb has repeatedly spoken about his disdain for the big bang theory.

  • Law

    Guy who plays Sheldon is 39, Galecki is 37.

  • I finally gave up on this show, probably should’ve dropped it earlier.

  • Ethan

    While I thought NattyB liked some bad things before, I think I’m going to stop reading her articles now.