Photo of the Week: I Was Wondering What Happened to Curly Sue

This is a pretty recent shot of Alisan Porter, the girl who played Curly Sue.  She was one of those kids who you thought (in a non perverted kind of way) would turn out to be attractive when she was older.  I think I was right.  For those who want to know, Porter didn’t appear in too many films after Curly Sue.    From 1991-2008 she only made 3 appearances.

It’s weird to think she’s a mom now but she is.  Turns out she’s a pretty good singer too.   Well, well, well!

  • Susan Glenn

    In a ‘non perverted way’ WTF? She’s like about 8 in that picture. You often look at 8 year olds and wonder if they’ll turn out hot in a ‘non perverted way’?

  • fc

    -You often look at 8 year olds and wonder if they’ll turn out hot in a ‘non perverted way’?

    If They’ll TURN OUT HOT, not that they are hot at 8, it’s a big difference

  • Chelsea

    Curly Sue is married to my co-worker’s brother. They just got married a few months ago and I was quizzing her all about what she’s like and stuff. They all grew up together and I guess she’s been doing lots of broadway and choreography the past decade or so.

  • GrandWazoo


    That sounds kind of creepy actually. You were “quizzing her all about what she’s like and stuff,” rather than, I don’t know, talking to her like a human being and getting to know her?

  • Chelsea

    No, I was asking my co-worker about Curly Sue since she grew up with her. OK, replace “quizzing” with “asking questions” and get your panties out of a bunch.

  • angryman

    attractive and hot are two different things. you’ve never looked at a cousin, or other relative, boy or girl, and said, they will turn into a very attractive adult.

    or when you grandparents saying stuff like “oh the girls will be chasing you all around in a few years”

    nothing wrong with that. however, you seem to think we are all sitting here saying ” only 10 more years till legal, only 10 more years till legal. which isnt at all what it is

  • Intrakitt

    I love this web site. Been reading it for years. All the way up until I read the douchie comments section. I don’t know why you even have comments on your site. It really highlights how stupid some of the readers you have are, and makes the site more amateurish at times.I don’t thin you should have a comments section after every single story. This isn’t required. It ain’t a democracy. People come here to be entertained, not read some stupid argumentative comment from some lame kid in some dead-assed town in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for listening.

  • Sargon

    Curly who???

  • tugbote

    Yup, you were right, NattyB.

    Oh, and STFU, “Susan Glenn”.