Photo of the Week: Everything is Good About this Workaholics Picture

I’m not sure how many of you folks watch Workaholics but it’s easily one of my favorite comedies on television.   In terms of it’s originality it kind of reminds me of a young Always Sunny in Philadelphia kind of a show.  The dry senses of humor are great.  And the group’s disregard for “life” is somewhat similar.  Granted the shows are entirely different in nature, I think people who watch both probably know what I mean.

In any event, I’m glad someone caught this shot on camera.  Everything about it is amazing.  The old Volvo with an inflatable dragon up top?  Does it get any better?

  • LEM

    When the hell is this show coming back? Brickleberry sucks.

  • Beorach

    That’s not an inflatable dragon. They stole it off a playground, iirc. I’ve heard people compare this to Sunny also but haven’t watched that one. Maybe I need to check it out. I think the basic idea is that they’re both wildly/mildly funny depending on the episode but there’s always a serious commitment to stupid (which appeals to me).

  • Bankson

    Celo Green or Reptar?